The Story of Classic Charm of Vintage Wedding and Elegant Bridesmaid Dresses

Few months back, a research scholar in Oxford got in touch with me. She was attending a friend’s wedding in London and I was the designer and invitee. Talking over wine, she got really fascinated to know I was a fashion designer. Little I knew she was planning her wedding actually.

Last month, when I got a call from her, I was pleasantly surprised. She dropped by the store for consulting her bridal wear and the bridesmaid dresses. That was the time, when I got to know that they are planning for a vintage destination wedding in Italy.

The hopeless romantic in me got all perked up after the discussion. Needless to say, I jumped in the work immediately with a flourish. After all, I was about to design some vintage dresses for the bridesmaids. Now, what can I say about it? Old and vintage things always have some romantic earthy charm in them. When I was designing the dresses, it is needless to say that I had to think research and ponder over a lot of things. Yes, since the wedding was set in a gothic church of Florence and the bride was wearing a classic white wedding dress with elaborate veil and tiara, designing the bridesmaid dresses was an amazing experience. Dealing with some classic shades and hues, making dresses with some extremely sophisticated and graceful material and working to create a timeless look, everything was a dream job for any designer. So, how I trod along with the assignment? Take a look at the following points.


The first thing for bridesmaid dresses that I had to consider was the material. Yes, the elegant materials are the main focus when you are creating a nice vintage dress. Chucking off the trendiest materials was the immediate task for me. Lace, silk, satin and tulle were the materials I used. The texture of these materials and the feel of them are perfect to make some stunning vintage dresses.


When it comes to a vintage wedding, the colour palate becomes wider and richer. Instead of choosing the trendy hues, it was work with blush pink, ivory, red and rich royal blue that we created a design on. Later, I zeroed on the blush pink and red bridesmaid dresses. Rich, sophisticated, expressive, bold and stunning, all of these fall short to describe the dresses as the client and her guests put it. Thankfully, I got the freedom of creating some amazing silhouette where my art and creativity expressed itself completely.


This is the most prominent part where the vintage dresses are different from any regular dress for the party. The neckline, hemline, cut, sleeves and flare everything should speak of old world sophisticated charm. So, tea length and ankle length gowns and dresses were what we come up with. The delicate feminine touch of the colours and the natural fall of the materials made the dresses a vision for sore eyes.

So, this is how the story of the vintage wedding and the bridesmaid dresses shaped up. Undoubtedly, it was a delightful experience of my designing career. Read through the points and get inspired.

Author Bio – Rachel Greene is a famous fashion blogger and designer. She has specialized in designing wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Read her blogs to know about red bridesmaid dresses.


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